We pledge the following to our dogs and their owners:

  • We will continually be striving to be A Step Ahead of the Pack!  We will do so by implementing a strong work ethic, by having an ongoing commitment to excellence and by providing outstanding levels of service
  • to provide a dynamic and fun outing every time your dog is in our care
  • to always be attentive and wary of possible safety issues and to further be proactive in seeking to remediate any issues
  • to actively engage in activities with your dog
  • to not spend any time smoking, drinking coffee or even sitting down … our view is that if we need to be sitting down and can’t spend our time at the park actively interacting with the dogs then it’s probably the wrong profession to be in
  • to adhere to industry regulations (including maximum group size of six dogs)
  • to keep dog owners well informed with regular updates on their dogs (including pictures and videos)
  • to not cut corners just because no is one looking
  • to not just talk a good story, but to actually back it up with action (under-promise ... over-deliver)
  • to have and apply an attitude of “leave things better than you found them” (this includes picking up far more than our fair share of dog poop at the dog parks :)
  • to maintain high standards while perpetually working with passion and loving what we do